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Pair – Tinted Red 4D Gel Number Plates

Tinted Red 4D Gel Number Plates


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2 Plates (Included)
1 Plate (+...)
3 Plates (+...)
Black - Long
Blue - Long
Black - Short
Blue - Short
Note: It is highly recommended to use the shorter style IRL if you are using a plate holder as the longer one may not fit.
We will position the IRL/Corner badges to fit inside the holder as best we can. If you purchase a holder from us, we can fit the badges perfectly.
Note: It is not recommended to select a printed border line if you are using a plate surround/holder.
241-D-123 or 241 D 123
8 x Sticky Pads (+€1.99)
4 x Screws & White Caps (+€1.99)
2 x Gloss Black Plate Holders (Blank) (+€14.99)
Product total
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Grand total

Product Details

Includes 1 Set (2 x Registration Plates)
4D Gel Number Plates are some of our most popular plates. At just €75, these are the best value 4D Gel plates in Ireland. We offer many customisation options to allow you to build the perfect pair.

4D Gel is a brand new style which has taken Ireland by storm. It consists of a 3mm 4D digit, with a glossy 3D Gel digit on top, creating 4D Gel Number plates. This creates a further stand out look which will really turn heads. The backing digit is available in Black, Red, Blue and Clear.

4D Gel is our flagship style and is often used to enhance high end cars.
Choose from a range of styles to create a truly bespoke plate that reflects your personality and style. Our glossy black 4D Gel lettering gives your plate a standout effect.
If you would like custom printing, including your company name or any black and white logo or image, feel free to reach out and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.
So why wait? Build your custom pair of 3D Gel Registration Plates today and take your car to the next level!
Disclaimer: Our plates are sold as show plates and are not legal for use on public roads. You will need to retain your original standard plates for NCT.

Additional information

Digit Size

50mm x 50mm

Digit Material

Gel, Acrylic

Plate Type

Tinted Plate