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Frequently Asked Questions

Find below our most commonly answered questions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us now.

How will I fit my Number Plates?

All of our number plates come with fitting instructions along with your chosen fitting kit. The easiest way to fit number plates is to use a plate holder/surround. This allows 10-second switching for NCT tests or if you want to change it up from time to time. Most cars will already be fitted with a number plate holder, usually including dealership advertisement. You can fit our number plates inside of these or opt for our gloss black blank holders!

If you prefer a cleaner look, fit our number plates straight onto the surface of the car using sticky pads or screws. Fitting instructions are provided, but if you are unsure contact us and we would be happy to help out.


Are 3D/4D number plates legal in Ireland?

To pass the NCT tests, number plates must align with the regulations in Ireland.

A Road Legal number plate consists of:

  • White Plate
  • Blue IRL Euro Logo
  • Black Border Line
  • Irish County Name
  • Numbers/Letters which are 70mm in height.

This means that our 4D ‘Standard Irish’ and ‘German’ fonts will pass the NCT test when combined with the above options.

If you choose one of our most popular plates such as 3D Gel and 4D Gel, you must retain your original plates for NCT tests. These plates are sold as show plates and are not recommended for use on public roads.



Can I have custom printing such as company name on my plates?

Yes. We can print anything on your plates which is in black and white. Many companies choose to print their company name along the bottom of the plates, but you can print anything you would like. Just add it to the special instructions box! 🙂

How long will my plates take to be delivered?

Postage time across Ireland is 2 Days with Standard delivery. Please note that this does not include production time which may take a couple of days. If you need your plates in a hurry, use our Priority option and we will dispatch your order within 1 24 hours.

Can I collect my order?

Yes. Same day order collections are available within Meath and Dublin. Contact us if you would like to collect your order any time 7 days a week.

Can I change my order?

Yes. If your order has not been processed or you have not received a dispatch email, contact us and we will be happy to update your order with your customisations.

Product Options Explained

Find below an explanation on all of our product options on our number plates. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us and we will be happy to help out.

IRL Badge

Printed IRL

This is commonly used on our 2D printed plates as well as some 4D plates. It is a printed version of the IRL badge and can be done in blue or black with euro stars.


3D Gel IRL

Long IRL – This is the standard Gel IRL badge. Works great when plates are being fixed using sticky pads or screws. This style may not fit inside a plate holder.

Short IRL – This is an alternative Gel IRL style made to fit perfectly inside standard plate holders/surrounds. However, it still looks fantastic with other fitting methods!


Corner Badge

This is a decorative 3D Gel badge/flag in a triangular shape which is fitted in the bottom right of your number plate.

In stock currently we have:

  • German Flag
  • M Sport Colours
  • BMW Logo
  • Mercedes Logo
  • AMG Mercedes Logo
  • Ford Logo (blue only)
  • Volkswagen Logo
  • Ireland Flag
  • Audi Logo

If the badge you need is not in this list, unfortunately we do not stock it.

These are most commonly used in 3D Gel and 4D Gel number plates, but can be applied to any number plate in the special instructions box.



Printed Border/County Name

Printed Border Line

This is a printed black line printed roughly 3mm inside the edge of the plate. Works really well with both short IRL and longer IRL. It is not recommended to have a printed border line if you are using a plate holder/surround, in case there is some bits of black line sticking out. Your holder/surround will act as your black border.

County Name

This is the Irish county name which is printed at the top of your number plate. For example, a Dublin registration will have BAILE ATHA CLIATH printed along the top.


Fitting Kit

Fitting Kits are included as an option on all number plates. There are 3 main ways to fit your number plates:

Plate Holder/Surround (Recommended): The most common way to fit number plates. Most cars come from the garage with this fitted, usually including dealership advertisement. Gloss black and blank plate holders are included as an option on all products. This is the easiest way to fit number plates and does not require a professional. This also leaves it very easy to change number plates for NCT tests etc.

If your car currently has dealership advertisement but there are also screws through the face of the plate, then this is not holding your plate and it is purely advertisement. We recommend removing these or replacing with our blank Plate Holders.

Sticky Pads

This is a clean way to fit number plates if you would like to remove your factory plate holder. Fitting instructions are included with every order and it is not difficult to fit this way.

Screws and Covers

This method requires drilling holes in your number plates, in order to screw directly to the car. If your car currently has a plate surround as well as screws through the plate, then the surround does not hold the plate and is purely advertisement. We recommend removing these or replacing with our blank Plate Holders.


Hyphens/Dashes (-)

This refers to the hyphens or dashes between the digits on a number plate. For example, 241-MH-12345 or 241 MH 12345.