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Your Number Plates. Your Way.

Your vehicle should be more than just an engine. It should be a testament to your identity, a canvas painted with your individuality,

Discover Our 3D/4D Number Plates

Discover our amazing collection of high quality number plates exclusive designs made to order with unparalleled attention to detail. Choose from fantastic fonts such as 3D Gel, 4D Gel, 4D Irish Font, 4D German Font, 2D Printed Sporty Metro and many more. Immerse yourself in our world of exceptional design and let your imagination take flight. Explore our range today and give your vehicle the lift it deserves.

More Than Just a Registration Plate.

Road Legal. NCT Passable.

We offer many NCT passable options which are suitable for use on Irish roads and will get you through the NCT test every time. Choose from 4D Irish font or 4D German font and combine with:

  • Blue IRL Badge (Printed or Gel)
  • Printed Black Border Line (Or Plate Holder/Surround)
  • Printed Irish County Name
  • Standard White Plate


Made To Last.

At PerfectPlatez, all of our number plates are made to withstand the test of time and all weather conditions. Feel confident washing, cleaning and driving your car without the worry of damage.