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Pair – Tinted 2D Standard Font Number Plates

Tinted 2D Standard Font Number Plates


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Product Details

Includes 1 Set (2 x Registration Plates).

Stand out from the crowd with a pair of Tinted 2D Standard Irish Font Number Plates. These plates are the same as your normal NCT plates, but adds a darker touch with a tinted face. This style works fantastic with darker coloured vehicles but can also be a stand out feature on a white car too!

As one of Ireland’s leading custom number plate stores, we take immense pride in presenting this revolutionary product crafted with precision and quality.
For fully road legal registration plates, you must select the following options:
* Black Border
* Blue IRL
* Irish County Name
* Standard Irish or German font
One of the standout features of our Registration Plates is the customizable ‘IRL’ badge positioned on the left side. With the ability to switch the badge color from blue to black, you have the opportunity to add a touch of personalisation to your plates. However, it’s important to note that altering the color of the ‘IRL’ badge means the plates are no longer strictly legal. In this case, you would need to retain your original plates for the NCT test.

Additional information

Digit Size

70mm x 36mm (Road Legal)

Digit Material

2D Printed Plates

Plate Type

Tinted Plate