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Pair – Tinted German Font 4D Number Plates

Tinted German Font 4D Number Plates

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2 Plates (Included)
1 Plate (+...)
3 Plates (+...)
Blue is required to pass the NCT.
241-D-123 or 241 D 123
8 x Sticky Pads (+€1.99)
4 x Screws & White Caps (+€1.99)
2 x Gloss Black Plate Holders (Blank) (+€14.99)
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Product Details

Includes 1 Set (2 x Registration Plates).
Our Road Legal Blue IRL 4D Number Plates are a cutting-edge solution for personalized license plates that effortlessly combines style and legality. As one of Ireland’s leading custom number plate stores, we take immense pride in presenting this revolutionary product crafted with precision and quality.
For fully road legal registration plates, you must select the following options:
* Black Border
* Blue IRL
* Irish County Name
* Standard Irish or German font

The ‘German’ font is one that has taken Ireland by storm in the last 10 years, originally being used in metal pressed plates which have become a thing of the past. The German font however is an increasingly popular option in both our 4D and 2D options and add a touch of style to any vehicle!

Crafted from the finest materials, our Road Legal Blue IRL 4D Number Plates offer a premium and durable solution for showcasing your unique identity on the road. The plates boast a sleek design with 3mm extruding standard font letters and numbers, ensuring optimal visibility and clarity for everyone to admire.
One of the standout features of our Road Legal 4D Number Plates is the customisable ‘IRL’ badge positioned on the left side. With the ability to switch the badge colour from blue to black, you have the opportunity to add a touch of personalisation to your plates. However, it’s important to note that altering the colour of the ‘IRL’ badge means the plates are no longer strictly legal. In this case, you would need to retain your original plates for the NCT test.

Additional information

Digit Size

70mm x 36mm (Road Legal)

Digit Material


Plate Type

Tinted Plate